Proper Framing Makes Artwork Look Its Best

The best piece of artwork will not show well without proper framing. The edges can be ragged and without proper mounting and framing the artwork can be damaged or deteriorate with time. How can one hang an unframed sketch or watercolor?? Acrylic or oil paintings can be painted on canvas stretchers with unfinished, messy edges. The right picture frame and matting can actually add value to a fine work of art. Artists can sell their artwork for much more money when it is properly framed. Art buyers want to take a piece home and be able to hang it on the wall without further effort.


Some art lovers purchase unframed art to save money or because they want to frame it to match their home or office decor. Then, when they get their purchase home, they find out how expensive proper framing can be. Professional framing shops do a great job using top quality materials and equipment. But, they charge a lot of money for their services. Many people are fine with paying to have a fine work of art properly matted and framed by professionals. Others want to get a great framing job for a bargain price. They can save money on picture framing by purchasing everything they need for the job from a framing supply site such as This site sells custom size picture frames for very reasonable prices. They also sell everything a person needs to do their own picture framing.

How does a person use a picture frame ordering site to get the best results? Start by carefully measuring the work of art. Write down the width and length of the piece. If the artwork is already in an acceptable mat or mount, measure the outside of the mat and write down the width and the length. The picture frame opening and the mat opening must overlap the artwork slightly. You can figure the overlap or let the company figure it. Just make sure the correct size is sent. In framing artwork, even 1/8th inch or 4mm too little or too large is a problem. Exact size is the key to success. The customer can order the backing, matting, glazing, and frame for each piece or artwork. Then when everything arrives, just insert the artwork and put everything together. There will be exact directions with each order. For more framing information, go to the website.


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